Top 10 Unknown Health Benefits of Honey That May Surprise You

The health benefits of honey are various as it contains high beneficial plants compounds. Honey is a golden sweet liquid made by honeybees from collecting nectar from flowers. The flavor may vary depending on the nectar of different types of flowers gathered.

Honey is used as a traditional medicine by the people over hundreds of years. It is available in raw honey that is directly removed from the hive and pasteurized honey that is processed by heating to remove impurities. It also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which helps in wound healing management and combating infections. Having honey instead of refined sugar is particularly healthy, which has zero calories. In this article, let us discuss the health benefits of honey. 

Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey and High Antioxidant properties

Honey contains a wide range of plant compounds that act as antioxidants. The antioxidant properties may differ depending on the different types of flowers. Antioxidants may help to protect your body from free radicals that damage the development, growth, and life of cells. Exposure to free radicals may lead to the development of chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart diseases, and also cause the aging process.
Antioxidants called polyphenols in honey may play a vital role in preventing heart diseases and a few types of cancer. Eating an antioxidant-rich diet is linked to low chances of chronic diseases.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Honey

Honey is known for its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. It naturally contains an antiseptic called hydrogen peroxide, which can kill unwanted fungus and bacteria. Honey is a remedy for treating infections but its effectiveness completely depends on the type of honey. Some people say pasteurization reduces the natural components of honey, stating that the health benefits of honey after pasteurization are not the same as raw honey. But, there is no proper evidence to show pasteurization affect the natural properties of honey.

Honey for Healing Wounds

Honey has been used to treat the wounds over the years and followed till today. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey promotes healing wounds making it a natural first aid. Honey can destroy the bacteria that live on the skin cause infection and penetrate the wound site.
Honey is mostly made up of fructose and glucose that absorbs water when applied to the wound which promotes healing. Also, honey can be used as an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, where complications can lead to leg amputation.
Several studies suggest wound healing is one of the health benefits of honey.

Honey a Remedy for Cough

Suffering from cough? Honey is considered as one of the best home remedies for cough. Have a tablespoon of honey. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, reduce the irritation in the throat and also kills infection-causing bacteria. Honey is a good alternative cough medicine for children over one year, other cough medicines may harm them. Honey relieves nocturnal cough, especially in kids allowing proper sound sleep.
According to a study published in 2012 by Journal Pediatrics, taking one or two spoons of honey directly can help as a suppressant and cure a persistent cough.

Honey Improves Sleep

Do you lie awake the whole night trying to fall asleep? Use this easy homemade remedy milk and honey to fall asleep quickly. Try adding a spoon of honey in a glass of hot milk and have it just before going to sleep. Honey helps the body to produce a compound called melatonin that regulates good quality sleep. People have used this beverage over the years to help them fall asleep. You can also sip a cup of chamomile tea adding one or two spoons of honey before going to bed to induce sleep.

Honey for Weight Loss

According to nutritionists, honey is effective in improving overall health. A spoonful of honey before going to bed may burn more fat even while you are sleeping. Doctors recommend having a spoonful of honey as it is one of the best foods to help weight loss. Consuming a honey on empty stomach in the morning helps to increase the metabolism, as a result, helps to lose weight faster.
According to a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition published in 2010, honey helps to suppress the desire of overeating, in turn, helps to lose weight.

Replacing Refined Sugar in Diet

Honey can be an ideal replacement for refined sugar in the diet. Sugar may provide excess calories without offering any nutritional benefits, that lead to increased body weight. Honey can be used in beverages and foods to make them tastier without the negative impact of sugar on health. The health benefits of honey are mostly known for the replacement of artificial sweeteners.
However, it is important to consume in moderation since honey is still a sweetener.

Honey for Glowing Skin

Do you know honey is beneficial for the skin? Honey can be used as one of the home remedies for glowing skin
Honey can work wonders on dry skin because of its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Many people use honey masks during the winters to soften the skin as well as for the tone corrections and also it is very easy. Raw honey also helps to moisturize parched skin and unclogs the pores. It works as a natural antiseptic to treat cuts, wounds, burns, and infections. Make the most of the health benefits of honey applying it on your skin as consists of ultra-moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Honey for Immunity System

Honey is a power of phytonutrients, that are compounds found in plants that protect them. These phytonutrients are present in honey, responsible for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help to protect cells from free radicals in the body. They are also considered as the immunity-boosting properties in honey. Honey promotes the gut healthy which shows a great influence on boosting immunity. Having a glass of hot water with one spoonful of honey and half lemon juice in the morning or after the workout gives you extra energy to kickstart your day. This cleansing drink also improves the immunity

Honey for Brain Health

Studies suggest that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can boost brain function. Honey, the natural sweetener not only boosts the brain memory function but also promotes the overall health of the body. Taking honey on a regular basis may reduce metabolic stress and gives a soothing effect to the brain, which helps to maintain mental health in the long run. The natural antioxidant and medicinal properties in honey power up the receding cells in the brain that cause memory loss.

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