December 2020


Health Benefits of Pomelo That Astonish You!

The pomelo is an ancestor of the better-known grapefruit and looks a lot like it. It is a citrus fruit that comes from China, very large it can grow up to a weight of 10 kg. The most striking thing about this fruit, however, is that the size often deceives. In fact, when you are about to peel it, you
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Why do Sit-Ups Hurt the Tailbone? Here are the reasons

Why do Sit-Ups Hurt the Tailbone? Are you tired of holding your breath and pulling your tummy in each time you want to prove that you have a flatter tummy? Do you want a slim core? Then, you have got to do certain exercises, probably, sit-ups and crunches. But if you don’t do them correctly, you may injure your neck
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